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1964 Fisher Price duck push toy, vintage condition, nursery decor by Wantiquities

This is from the Fisher PRice toy database:

"The Ducky Flip-Flap is a push toy in a league of his own. The chipper little Mallard duck is in a playful running position with his smiling face pointing forward and his wings down low. When pushed, he makes a makes a realistic "quack-quack" sound while he wobbles along flapping his big feet.
FPT2478 – Wooden cut-out duck with paper lithographs on the sides and edges of a Mallard duck with a green head, big eyes, a short yellow beak, and a white body with various shades of brown feathers on his back and chest. The duck has wooden cut-out side wings with paper lithographs on the top and edges of brown and white feathers. The duck rolls on 2 red plastic balloon-type wheels with 4" long yellow plastic feet. The duck waddles, his feep flip-flap, and he makes a "quack-quack" when pushed. The duck has a hole in the middle of his back to attach the removable wooden push stick. Measures 10-3/4" long, 5-1/2" wide, and 5" high.
FPT4817 – 20" long yellow wooden push stick with a red plastic safety ball on one end and screw threads on the other end."

The only thing I can add to this is that the lithography is worn off on the bottom of this toy.
I'd say very good vintage condition on this treasure!

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