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Antique curved maple wood sewing geared loom shuttle bobbins, textile, manufacturing, steam punk, industrial decor by Wantiquities

Antique curved maple wood sewing geared loom shuttle bobbins.

Original thread in the spool. Decorative item or gift for a lover of sewing or textile history.
Wooden shuttle & base are both in very good condition. Gears work well. Approx 4" x 4.5".

Machine loom shuttle comes with a geared base and has intricate moving parts. There is a wood gear sticking out the front with embedded teeth carved into the shuttle. When the removable shuttle moves along the curved tracks in the wooden block, it engages the wooden gear and makes it turn. In reverse, when the weaving machine wants to move the shuttle back and forth, it operates the gear and the shuttle will move back and forth along its curved path.

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