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Assortment of vintage white table runners, piano scarves, doilies, cotton and crochet, living room decor, vintage linens by Wantiquities

THis assortment is similar in style and, though not a match, looks nice together.

You get:

1. ONE 11 x 8 inch oval with square cutouts in center.
2. TWO 14 x 12 squares with square cutouts on corners.
3. ONE 20 x 20 with embroidered edges, floral cutouts on each corner.
4. ONE 33 x 14 with crochet edges
5. ONE 29 x 14 with crochet edges
6. ONE 25 x 12 with crochet edges

The last three appear to be hand made!

No flaws noted in this assortment of beauties.

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Thank you! Enjoy browsing!

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