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Here is the webinar for you to listen to:  DECD REOPENING WEBINAR
You are allowed to have a tag/yard sale.
Flea markets are allowed and must register under retail.
People over 65 years are not mandated to stay home, only recommended to do so.
Families of more than 5 living together can go to restaurants and the beach together.
Essential businesses cannot make someone leave their business who does not wear a mask because of a medical condition.
A Non-essential business can refuse service to anyone, even someone with a medical condition, who does not wear a mask.
Employees who cannot wear a mask because of a medical condition should probably not be working as they are compromised and susceptible to the virus.
It is mandatory to install some kind of barrier at your register. Does not have to be plexiglas. Can hang barrier from the ceiling.
Cash is still good, although touchless payment is best.
You do not have to track people coming into your business, no names and phone numbers.
Hand sanitizer can be right inside your door instead of outside.
Signage in multiple languages should be in those languages your employees speak.
Bathrooms do not have to be disinfected after EVERY use. Cleaning will depend on amount of use.
Employers have to supply face masks but they do not have to be medical masks (unless otherwise stated), they can be cloth masks that are reusable and washable.
You do not have to take your employees’ temperatures, they have to report their health. They should take their own.
Separate entrance and exit is recommended but not mandatory if there is no option.
Salon capes must be laundered, which means washed in a washing machine, after every use. Not sprayed with disinfectant.
Customers can bring in their coats, books, phones, drink but they are encouraged to do so minimally.
Stylists must wear face shields at all times with customers.
A stylist can have more than one customer to work on in the store at one time as long as they are separated and at 50% capacity.
If you work outside and follow social distancing and mask wearing you can be open (like a photographer taking outside shots).
If you salon sells products and you register as retail, customers can come into your salon to purchase but the 50% occupancy must be followed. Curbside pick-up a good option.
You can give music or art lessons in your customer’s private home or outside one on one. you cannot give lessons in your store or in groups larger than 5.
Outdoor weddings will be allowed to happen earlier than indoor weddings. Maybe Phase 3.
Farmers markets are allowed with food only vendors.
Service stations, dining tables, places where customers are located must be 6’ apart, you cannot install a barrier between tables or workstations to prevent separation of 6’.

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