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Coventry Farmers Market – Order Online Before Friday @ 8am!

Order before Friday at 8am for quick pick up at your choice of times on Sunday!

Oodles of CT Grown Goodness in 5 Minutes!
The online store is now open to place your order for Sunday pick up – you have until Friday at 8am.

We don’t want to alarm you – but the first of the apples are in! 18th Century Farm has Lodi apples for sale in the storefront – according to Paul they are green and tart, but nice and firm and juicy. Don’t wait, they will go fast!

Of course it isn’t fall yet, so if you aren’t ready to think of apples we are full of the early summer yummies like beans! We have the green beans you know and love, but maybe this is the week you give an heirloom variety a try. According to Virginia from Blueberry Hill Organic Farm, the Heirloom Dragon beans are a larger mild flavored yellow bean that is crispy and sweet. We are also seeing a great crop of cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots too.

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