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Creamery Brook Bison

During the early to mid 1800’s bison were prominent in North America and shared the land with the Native American populations from the plains. The Native Americans depended on the bison for survival and honored it in sacred ceremonies. Not only using the buffalo for food, the entire buffalo was put to use. For the Native Americans, the bison could be described as an “all-purpose supply store.” Those parts not used for food were not wasted; they became clothing, tools, furnishings, ceremonial objects and weapons.

Due to the over hunting of bison, in the late 1800’s bison faced near extinction. Only over the past 10-15 years has the bison population increased and flourished. Today it is estimated that there are over 500,000 bison in North America, many of which are on farms like ours.

Our Story
Creamery Brook Bison was established as a bison farm in 1990. We raise bison on our farm in Brooklyn, Connecticut. Bison meat has been described as the “original health food”, with fewer calories and less cholesterol than beef, chicken and turkey, it is certainly a healthy red meat.

Because we only sell meat that has been raised on our own farm, we can assure you that there are absolutely NO hormones and NO antibiotics fed to our animals. We feed only corn and grass. Our animals are allowed to roam free in our pastures where they can be watched and enjoyed by the public, yet still find plenty of places to wander to, when they don’t care to be seen or just want to enjoy the sun on a warm day.

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