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Dougal Draws for Biden Bottle

Dori Dougal is the artist behind the Biden and Trump sodas from Avery Soda. She is a Lebanon, CT artist, who along with husband, Bill Dougal call their company DougalArt.com. For the last election she drew Hillary Clinton for the “Hillary Hooch” bottle, and Donald  Trump for the “Trump Tonic” bottle. Rob Metz of Avery Soda deserves the credit for the concept, and the idea of commissioning a caricaturist. Dori did many sketches, as she fine-tuned the elements of likeness and exaggeration. She says, “Biden’s pleasant crooked smile was an important feature.” The Biden Berry bottle will be a collector’s item. The couple usually draws”regular folks”, but she also did a series of caricatures of actors with CT connections for a theater.

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