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Getting a perfect job spell candle by MichelesGemCreations

This candle is good for getting a new job or the desire promotion of your present job. Burn a candle while creating your resume sending it or doing job-related phone number. This symbol can awaken admiration and others. Include your name and astrological sign on the candle. If you have a specific job in mine be sure to include it along with the phrase or something even better. You never know the perfect job may not have been offered yet..

Candle colors
Green choose this color if your emphasis is on the pay
Orange choose this if you need an opportunity for a great job or someone to choose you for the position.
All of my candles are custom-made and come with the kit with all of the items and instructions you need to burn this bell candle. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for looking at my store blessed be

Please contact me if you wish to order more than one candle so I can combine shipping.
Each candle is unique. Each candle comes with a kit with specific items needed to burn your candle. The photos shown are just a sample of the candles I make

Legal disclaimer :

The law states that Spells, Tarot Readings, and Spiritual
Work are for entertainment purposes. You agree that you are at least 18 and older before you make any purchases. You agree that Spiritual Readings or Spiritual work is not a substitution for any legal, medical or financial advice. Michele’s Gem Creations is not liable or responsible for any paranormal activity that may or may not occur due to the use of our products or services.

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