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How do dance lessons work amidst COVID-19? Q&A with Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Middletown

Are lessons safe and how do they work amidst COVID-19?

This is a question that we get asked frequently with what is going on in the world today. We are taking every possible precaution in accordance with CDC, State as well as our own additional protocols. Masks are required at all times within the studio.

We keep a table set up outside the studio where students can change their shoes as well as have their temperature checked before even entering the building. Students also fill out a brief questionnaire simply covering whether you have recently traveled and if you have shown any symptoms of COVID-19. The questionnaire can be filled out online ahead of your lesson, and any payments you need to make can be done the same way to avoid common touch items such as pens and clipboards, though all of those items are disinfected after every client if you prefer to do so in-person. Staff are also put through these same checks.

Once inside, we are permitted to do touch lessons. Your teacher will be wearing gloves, but it is not required of the students. Some students prefer to wear gloves as well, which is completely fine. You keep your limited personal belongings with you at a table in the ballroom. We have a table dedicated to each instructor. Tables are disinfected after every client use. Lessons are staggered so multiple people are not entering or exiting the building at the same time and to give your teachers the time to clean. Restroom facilities are still available to students and are cleaned after each use.

Everything anyone touches is cleaned after each student. Hand sanitizer is throughout the studio. Staff change into separate clothes for teaching from what they come in with, along with several other protocols. With a smaller staff, we can even potentially accommodate no one else being on a lesson at the same time. (We cannot guarantee this, but if it is a concern of yours, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.)

Now we know this seems like a lot, but this is simply a rundown of what we are doing to keep everyone safe. You arrive, do a questionnaire and get your temperature checked, keep your mask on, and you are good to get dancing. Just ask the Ferrers, mask or not, you can still tell how happy they are to be here dancing!

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