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Hypnotic Weight Loss

Connecticut’s premier hypnotic weight loss coaching program now with locations in Glastonbury and Norwalk! CT Hypno-Slim understands that successful long-term weight management can only be obtained by combining the power of the mind with a well-balanced diet and a moderate exercise regime. We provide you the tools for success; 80% diet, 20% exercise and 100% Positive mentality and willpower. Other programs offer a one size fits all program, CT Hypno-Slim offers 3 different programs to fit your time, needs, and budget. We have no upsell because all of our programs are great! At no point will we offer to sell you shakes, powders or pills. Everything you need can be found in the aisles of the grocery store and the strength of your mind! Ask about the choices and figure out which program is right for you! Remember all of our programs include lifelong peer to peer membership to our Private FB group where recipes, mentorship, and ongoing support are always available. Don’t forget to ask about our specials and weight loss challenges!

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