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Inspired Quote Art, Anti Racism Artwork, Giclee Print, Reclaimed Wood Frame, Colorful Art, Wall Decor by nicandthenewfie

in 2020 i was inspired by many activists on social media for their anti racist and LGBTQ+, particularly trans forward work and a hope for a more inclusive, more equitable outcome to the way capitalism and america in particular have been structured to harm POC and protect a very privileged white structure. this painting was inspired by a quote from the poet, writer and activist Cleo Wade which is also a take off from Martin Luther King's "i have a dream" speech.

this is a giclee print of my original acrylic painting that i finished in the spring of 2021, and the second in my series of abstract anti racist paintings. this one in particular was painted in honor of my father, having lost him to alzheimers just a year earlier and who brought me up to love and respect black and brown people.

Print Only: one giclee print protected by cardboard
Framed Print: handmade frame using reclaimed wood. i meticulously design and craft each frame using a local wood shop. frame is ready to be hung or can be displayed on a bookshelf, mantel or shelf as shown above.

the frame shown in this listing is made from mahogany which came from stadium seating

proceeds from the sale of each print will go towards a scholarship fund for BIPOC

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