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Introduction to Watercolor Painting


Time: Mondays, 1:00–3:30pm, via Zoom
Cost: $182/$164 for ACE Members
Instructor: Mary Beth Sasso
Register online or email info@artscentereast.org

Watercolor painting is fun and very calming…but as in the name, water is involved. Water flows, drips, drops, washes, splashes, mixes, and is wet!! Watercolor is very playful and sometimes you just have to let it do its thing. So whether you’re new or have dabbled with it in the past, learn all about the proper techniques and materials to fall in love with this medium. I’m sure of that!

First things first. You’ll learn all about the best paints, papers, brushes, and other materials to use, how to mix colors, create a color wheel, all the various techniques, and finally be able to create beautiful watercolor paintings. I will teach you to step by step instructions on how it likes to be handled plus you’ll find it’s very different from other paint mediums and will always pleasantly surprise you!

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