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Large egg cups, double egg cup, floral designs, buyers choice, collectibles, soft boiled eggs, country kitchen, by Wantiquities

Beautiful large porcelain egg cups, buyers choice.
All double sized, goose egg cups, 3.5-4 inches tall.
Flaws noted below in descriptions.
Use drop down menu to select from the following:

1. Unmarked, lots of crazing and staining. Looks very old. Beautiful art deco band around large end.
2. Fluted stoneware, illegible marking. Parrot in a floral scene.
3. Pink grey, floral motif, rough edges around top and bottom. Shorter than other pink grey.
4. Peach with silver trim and flowers. Unusual form – small side is very deep, large side is very shallow.
5. Pink grey, floral motif, taller than other. LIght staining.
6. Black stripe, colorful pink purple yellow.
7. Very old looking rustic stoneware, faded gold trim.
8. Adams marking, pink leaf band around top and bottom. CHIP in top rim.

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