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These new rules apply EXCEPT where they are prohibited by other laws, executive orders or the sector rules.
1. Indoor social and recreational gatherings up to 10 people, all social distancing and wearing masks.
2. Outdoor gatherings up to and including 25 people, and shall comply with:
               a. No contact sports or sports that include shared handling of objects like balls or Frisbees are allowed.
               b. Attendees shall remain 6 feet apart, excluding immediate family members/household members.
               c. Wear masks within 6 feet of anyone outside who are not part of your household (except when eating).
               d. If the event is an organized gathering, the organizer shall mark 6 feet spacings in the area of the gathering to demonstrate social distancing.
               e. This new rule changes the old rule that only allowed 5 people outside to gather. Now 25 people can gather outside following the above rules.

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