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Support Local Business – Our Future Depends on It

Looking at Local, February 17, 2021

Support Local Business
Feb 17

We all hear the phrase ‘support local business’. However, how many people really know the struggle small businesses are facing amidst COVID-19?

Many Local Businesses Have Re-Opened – Isn’t This Good News?

From time to time, the thought may have crossed your mind that things weren’t so bad. You may have actually benefitted from some perks as small businesses began to re-open. Certainly, we all enjoyed fewer drivers on the road, but how are we able to consequently support small businesses if they have fewer people in their establishments? You may not have realized that fewer people in the gym was great for the patrons in attendance, but maximum attendance is needed to support local businesses and for them to operate at a profit. With this in mind, every time an appointment is thoughtlessly canceled, it is lost revenue to that small business at a critical time.

Frightening Facts For Our Future

Unless you have been a small business owner, it’s easy to be unaware of all it takes to run a small business successfully. Small businesses have a tight interdependency with the community they serve. Small changes in community habits can have big impacts for small business. Yelp recently reported that as of June 15, 2020, nearly 140,000 businesses that were listed on their site have closed for good since March 1,2020. The frightening statistic that 80% of independently owned restaurants may not survive this pandemic, hits very close to home.

By supporting local business, we support our economy and our future. Inasmuch as we would all like to stay in our own world, we are part of a larger community that needs us now. We need to understand that small businesses are at stake and to offer support to our local businesses.

Ways to Support Local Business

1. Order from your favorite restaurants often. Many have pickup, delivery and in-house seating.

2. Shop for items locally before relying on big box stores.

3. Give gift cards to local services and shops.

4. Continue with the service providers you have used before. Support their business through online communication and classes when you can’t visit in-person.

5. Remember the arts, such as yoga, dance and art classes for yourself and your children. This is a great time to continue with what you love or learn something new.

6. Be generous with tips. They are appreciated.

7. Continue to honor your pledges, memberships and subscriptions throughout mandatory closures..

How It’s Local Online Supports Local Business

It’s Local Online was created as a tool for communities. Our free app and listing services are intended to help community members better connect with their local businesses and organizations. We welcome you to share what’s new in your community, add a free directory listing, or tell a business owner you love about our Looking at Local submission process.

We need to do everything we can to support local businesses so the small businesses that we know and love in our communities do not become extinct.

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