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Natural Imperial Jasper Stone Drop Boho Style Earrings by BohoGrow

๐๐š๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐š๐ฅ ๐ˆ๐ฆ๐ฉ๐ž๐ซ๐ข๐š๐ฅ ๐‰๐š๐ฌ๐ฉ๐ž๐ซ ๐’๐ญ๐จ๐ง๐ž ๐ƒ๐ซ๐จ๐ฉ ๐„๐š๐ซ๐ซ๐ข๐ง๐ ๐ฌ

โœฆ.75"W – 2"L
โœฆBrass Metal
โœฆSuper Lightweight on Ears
โœฆHypoallergenic Stainless Steel Hook Post

โ™ฅ SHIPS SAME DAY OR WITHIN 48 HRS – Free Shipping To USA โ™ฅ

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๐‘พ๐’‰๐’‚๐’• ๐’Š๐’” ๐’•๐’‰๐’† ๐’”๐’‘๐’Š๐’“๐’Š๐’•๐’–๐’‚๐’ ๐’Ž๐’†๐’‚๐’๐’Š๐’๐’ˆ ๐’๐’‡ ๐‘ฑ๐’‚๐’”๐’‘๐’†๐’“?

Jasper is a form of Chalcedony quartz with up to 20 percent mineral impurities, so interpreting its spiritual power is not that straightforward and each individual gemstone will have its own unique strengths.

It does however have a couple of all encompassing traits that we can share. It is known as the 'Nurturing Gemstone' giving you the encouragement you need to develop every facet of your life, be it personal or professional.

Jasper is a gemstone of relaxation and calmness so those with very busy lifestyles or jobs will benefit from an hour or two with one as part of meditation or just to hold while lying down – it will clear your mind of its stresses and revitalize you.

Its long history with mankind reveals Jasper's sacred and protective spirituality, it has been carved into amulets to be worn by holy men and kings and buried with Mummies to help them into the afterlife. Native Americans used Jasper' gemstones in their rain-making ceremonies and they were used as dowsing pendulums in traditional water finding divination.

โœฆโœง๐‘จ๐’ƒ๐’๐’–๐’• ๐‘ป๐’‰๐’† ๐‘จ๐’“๐’•๐’Š๐’”๐’‚๐’โœฆโœง

Bailey Blu specializes in beaded jewelry creations and acrylic paint pour art.
She joined our collective a year ago along with her beloved Yorkie, Binkerson…now our mascot.
Bailey lives in Westport, CT and loves tacos, country music, and bumblebees.

โœฆGift Wrap & Card Available As An Option At Checkout.
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