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Natural Wood Frame, Deer Frame, Wedding Gift, Unique Frame, Walnut Frame, Gift for Dad by nicandthenewfie

My wood frames are all one of a kind because they use the natural edge of the slab, giving them each a unique shape. This particular frame has a very unique raw edge with much of the bark still on along the top and a small dark edge along the bottom. I hand print my deer image in black ink- a simple silhouette. It would make a lovely gift for someone who loves nature. The frame holds a 4×6 photo which slips in the back of the frame. Frame is ready to hang.

A Stunning addition to any home or workspace! One of a kind and handmade by Nicola.

Measures: 1" x 10" x 16" (weighs 2.2 lbs)

This is a walnut frame. while walnut is a darker wood, the sap wood can be very light- both in weight and in color. this wood is from a downed tree in Vermont.

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