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Painting in Watercolor

Instructor: Joseph M. Burger
Register online or email info@artscentereast.org

This class is intended for those who have some prior watercolor experience as well as for beginners. All are welcome!

The focus of this class is to provide participants with some additional or improved techniques for future watercolor paintings. It’s like having more tools in your toolbox and knowing when to use them to get a better end result.

It will begin with some basics on wet and dry washes and define terms that will be used in all the sessions, but mostly you will learn by doing – by applying the various techniques as you go through your paintings.

Several days before each Zoom session, a reference photo and a sketch of the suggested work will be emailed to class participants, and then discussed in class as well. Subjects may include, for example, a winter scene, a sunset, some structures like a barn, windows, a rural country scene, or whatever else may interest class participants. The emphasis will be on composition, the underlying drawing, and how correct shapes and tone are especially important, and how the unique behavior of the watercolor medium can work to your advantage in producing an attractive painting.

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