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Postcards of Our Dear Old Town While browsing our archives over the weekend, we came acro…

Postcards of Our Dear Old Town While browsing our archives over the weekend, we came across an idyllic color postcard of Ellington featuring a man enjoying a leisurely afternoon sitting in the town park. The time frame – from what we can determine – is the late 1800s. Shortly after finding this postcard, we came across another postcard – the black and white image in today’s post. As we compared the two, we realized that they both capture the park from different angles. The color image is from the vantage point of the park looking out to a store. In fact, if you look closely, it appears a horse drawn buggy awaits outside. While the other postcard was taken from a few yards outside that very same store (identified as the Cash Store Post Office) looking towards the park. And again, if you inspect the photo closely, you will see a horse and buggy in that photo as well! Both are wonderful reminders of days gone by. In Lynn Kloter Fay’s book Ellington – Images of America, she provides this perspective on the black and white photo and the park: “The stand of trees in Church Park, at the east end of the village green was planted under the supervision of the ninth pastor of the Congregational Church, the Rev. Nathaniel Eggleston, in the late 1840s… The low iron and granite fence was added by the Village Improvement Society c. 1875 and by the early 1890s the park was a shady grove.” An interesting fact, the color postcard was published by the Springfield News Company – but was printed in Germany. However, it was sent during World War I to a young private, Thomas Lutton, serving with the American Expeditionary Forces in France! Such a strange coincidence! We’ll end today’s post with the message written on the postcard to private Lutton, “Just a glimpse of the dear old town.” #smalltownbighistory #ellingtonct #ellingtonhistoricalsociety⁠
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