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Red Stained Glass-Stained Glass Suncatcher-Stained Glass Mobile-Red Suncatcher-Red glass suncatcher by ChapmanStainedGlass


This red chain is 18 inches in length and just under 5 inches across from point to point

This piece is made up of six 4″ squares. Each square is made up of various shades and textures of glass
No two chains will be exactly the same. I choose the individual pieces that make up the squares to create random patterns
The red chain is made up of various shades and types red glass.
I have used many different styles of glass with different surface textures. It is difficult to show in pictures but I have attempted to get good close ups
The pictures really do not do this piece justice
I have attempted to take pictures in different amounts of sunlight to show how different the red can look
Most of the pictures are taken hanging in front of an open window to get a clear picture,
Click on the link to see all the colors of chains I have available, I am adding new colors all the time
click on the link to see all my listings

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