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Resin Painted Serving Tray in Fluid Liquid Abstract Technique by LulusCandleShades

15.3×15.3×1.5 deep
100% Food Safe Resin and sealed wood tray!!
Custom resin Ocean Beach painting on wooden painted tray. SIMPLE STYLE: This simple and natural style can bring a decorative touch to any space, the breakfast tray can be matched with any tableware to create a perfect home decoration; these are easy to handle and won’t slip from your hands, allowing you to move them from place to place with ease.

Beautiful glass look shine Resin painting has 4-5 layers , each layer takes 24 hours to dry. Tray sides are then painted in various colors to accent the Beauty of the tray. Tray sides are all sealed with 100% Food Safe service. These trays make a beautiful addition to food gifts such as cookies, candy etc.

These make gorgeous gifts and wonderful to give with gift of cookies or other holiday treats.

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