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Stained Glass Suncatcher-Stained Glass Mobile-Clear Glass Suncatcher- by ChapmanStainedGlass


This clear glass chain is 18 inches in length and just under 5 inches across from point to point

This piece is made up of six 4" squares, for a total of 24 pieces of glass
I use 24 different styles of clear glass to make each chain so each of the 24 pieces in a single chain will have a different pattern
I take the 24 individual pieces of glass pieces and assemble them in a random pattern, So it is virtually impossible that any two chains will ever be the same

I have attempted to take pictures in different amounts of sunlight to show how different the glass can look
My favorite pics are the ones I was able to with the newly fallen snow in background.
I think these pics really help to show the different designs in the glass, I think it gives the affect of the glass being made of ice.
The pictures are taken with the chains hanging in front of an open window to get a clear picture,
I have the chains available in many different colors and I am adding colors all the time
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