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Premium Select High Grade Brazilian Old Mine Rainbow Tourmaline Stretch Bracelet, 8mm+, Rich and Deep Colors! Comes with Cert! Very Rare!

The richness and deepness of the colors of this tourmaline bracelet are really captivating! It contains only the most valuable colors of the tourmaline family. Adding on to its endless value are 2 beads with dual colors/tones (i.e., watermelon tourmaline), one bead has rutile in it, and a few beads have a very subtle cat's eye effect under a flashlight. Chatoyant effect of tourmaline beads is rare, but it is even more rare on translucent beads. These characteristics bring character and uniqueness to this one of a kind bracelet. In addition, rainbow tourmaline has a special color formula in its stringing method, which ultimately determines its value.

Brazilian old mine tourmaline is known for its "oiliness" when it has aged for a certain period of time; this determines its value and grade. As with all higher grade tourmaline, these beads are moist/"oily" looking (commonly known as the natural "jelly-bean effect"). Tourmaline is all about colors; clarity of beads is a second consideration when it comes to its value. This tourmaline bracelet has deep, visible, rare and valuable colors (e.g., purple, blue, peach, canary yellow) and decent translucency. Many beads have the highest translucency possible for beaded bracelets. This bracelet has high collection value because of its texture, visible and valuable colors, and unique characteristics.

Please note that authentic translucent Brazilian tourmaline have a smoky base. The pictures are taken under different lighting conditions.

Known to balance chakras.

Our products are natural, authentic, and go through strict quality control. Please be advised that minor potholes on the surface of products are naturally formed during the growth of the crystal. Size of crystal beads can vary slightly. Some beads may appear slightly "flat", due to the grinding process. These are part and parcel of naturally produced crystals.

We accept returns (excluding changes in design or wrist size). Buyers assume return shipping cost and a restocking fee.
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