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Today’s post originally was planned to be a series of vintage photos of homes from the lat…

Today’s post originally was planned to be a series of vintage photos of homes from the late 1800s/early 1900s. But as we started collecting the images, we couldn’t help but enjoy looking at the people featured in each – specifically, what they were doing in the photos. From that moment on, a precious charm captured our attention. So, we pulled back the number of photos, from sharing 5-6 photos, to just three. But in their place, we have included close ups of people so you too can enjoy. We begin with three tight croppings of photos of the Price family standing outside their home – drawn from two different photographs. As you will see in all three, many of the family members are proudly posing with their bikes. But there’s more to these photos… 🚲️ Look closely at image one – you’ll see four of the young women are holding their croquet mallets. Was this photo taken during a rousing family match that day? Or did they retrieve their mallets specifically for the photo? Either way, it is so cool to see this. In addition, it appears the family dog lays sleeping on the grass with the youngest family member. This was an uncommon treat – in nearly all of the vintage photos we have, dogs and cats are rarely included. The next two images are of the Price family as well. In the second photo… take a close look… yes, that’s a tandem bike!! From what we can see… it looks as sleek and stylish as any bike on the road today! As for the third image, the framing of the bicycle suggests it was going to be no easy task for the young man to get on it! But judging by his proud expression, we can only guess he had many adventures on that bike! The last close up is of an unidentified woman and man (if you know who they are, please write to us!)… and once again, there’s a bike in the photo. We just love this image because she’s holding both her bike, and what may have been her riding hat. The rest of today’s images are the full photos so you can see the context within each were taken. We hope you enjoy looking at these photos – and if you see anything else that catches your eyes, please let us know. It looks like we might have snow today – so if you’re driving, please be safe! ⛄️ #smalltownbighistory #ellingtonct #ellingtonhistoricalsociety⁠
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