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Unique Outdoor Candle Fragrances

Established in 2007, White Oak Candle Co.™ set out to create unique, rustic fragrances that are cozy, laid back and welcoming.

We’d rather live in a cabin in a rural area than anywhere else. We enjoy watching wildlife sauntering through the yard, hanging out by the fire pit on a clear evening. We fully believe in supporting our local farmer’s market, making meals from scratch and decorating our home with items that were locally produced, and we love exploring unknown landscapes, taking drives through old country roads.

The candles we make revolve around this kind of lifestyle. White Oak Candle Co™. candles are for those whose passion for the outdoors inspire them to bring those fragrances into their home!

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, a glass of whiskey, whatever you choose and find your favorite!

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