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Vintage compact, vintage mirror, MCM, purse mirror, purse accessory, Avon, Rex 5th Avenue by Wantiquities


1. from the 1999 Edition of "Compacts" by Mueller:
Avon – Goldtone, Loose Powder Compact. Hinged flap closure, flap forms architectural plinth of column with vertical ribbed linear lid motif,case signed, case glued mirror 2 3/4 inch square".
What the author MEANS to say is that the lid lifts up and underneath is the puff, then a trap door with a tiny lock, under this is a container of loose powder. The front lock is a hinged piece that runs across the bottom. I include the powder – you can clean it out if you'd like.

2. Rex 5th Avenue, square with pink leafs on the top.

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