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Vintage doll trunk, Max Rubin & Son, brass and leather steamer trunk, doll accessory by Wantiquities

This blue enameled miniature steamer trunk is too cute! Sweet to add to your doll collection, or use it as a desk accessory, office storage, etc.

The maker is Max Rubin & Sons, New York. They were known for expensive toys back in the day (Think Macy's Saks, etc).

This miniature steamer trunk has brass hardware on the exterior, and leather lift handles. The blue enamel is trimmed in black cellulose. The box is lined with blue/tan gingham fabric.
The two latches on either side of the lock hold nicely, the lock does not work and appears to be missing a part. There is a hallmark that I can not read on the locking mechanism.

The back side (the hinged side) of the box is rusted as shown. Easily sanded and painted, or left authentic as is. See photos.

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