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Vintage red handle kitchen hand tools, farmhouse kitchen, buyers choice, collectibles by Wantiquities

BUYERS CHOICE! All have red wooden handles, paint peeling, patina, etc.
So cute on display in your farmhouse kitchen!

1. Mouli Grated, France. Cheese grater. Handle is bent, does not grate.
2. Made in Germany, cheese grater. Operational.
3. Ace knife shapener. Nice wooden handle.
4. Kitchenjig "strains drains beats blends whips mixes". Paint is peeling.
5. Stainless steel peeler, paint peeling on handle
6. Unmarked cheese spreader, excellent condition
7. Androck pastry cutter (for cutting the butter into the flour). I would totally use this!
8. Mechanical potato chipper made in England. Works, but has rust.
9. Ecko tomatoe slicer

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