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You will receive a large variety of drab primitive buttons, SIMILAR to the pictures shown. The picture shows the amount and general appearance but I can’t guarantee specific buttons. They will be mostly brown, black, grey, etc. They vary in composition from plastic to celluloid to vegetable ivory, etc. They might have threads and could use a cleaning. They may be “ugly” as I have received complaints that they are ugly, but I think they are probably just misunderstood. They are primitive earthen colors of brown, gray, and faux tortoise-shell style, tan, etc. Do not expect colors other than the earthen tones of brown, gray, etc. Expect the most drab buttons you’ve ever seen in your life.

My buttons are sourced from everywhere! Button tins, button jars, and sewing tins found out in the world. I purchase collections and notions from antique stores, yardsales, and whereever else I find them and then spend hours sorting them by material and color and sorting out the ones with too much acceptable wear. You will not find junk items in these lots such as hook & loop closure pieces or snaps or sewing needles, as I remove all of that as I sort. You also SHOULD not find buttons with broken or missing shanks as I do my best to find them and weed them out as well. They do not get washed because some types of plastics will not stand up to today’s rigorous washing or even water (such as in the case of celluloid). I am sorry if some buttons are a little grimy, but I reserve cleaning, dethreading and restoration for the more valuable buttons rather than the bulk craft lots such as these. If you have any questions about how to appropriately clean your buttons, feel free to message me!

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