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Schooners Beverage Company Lemonade

Our delicious and refreshing lemonade is so energizing that one sip snaps you right back to that exciting “two outs, bases-loaded, bottom of the ninth, down three runs, and you step up to the batter’s box” kinda-feeling.

Schooners beverages are the perfect addition to your restaurant, deli, or retail business. Proceeds benefit the Mystic Schooners baseball team.

About Schooners Beverage Company:

We believe in our community. And we love baseball. As a result, we sought to develop a creative solution to help fund the local summer collegiate baseball team each year while keeping in mind the importance of the connection between our neighbors and us. As a result, Schooners Beverage was established to support the Mystic Schooners baseball team, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, and a member of the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

What started as a solution to a problem has grown into a business that has integrated us into our communities deeper than ever. The baseball team’s mission is to deliver a healthy family atmosphere, solid role models for children to emulate, and affordable summer fun for our community. Schooners Beverage’s mission is to help fulfill the team’s belief and create enjoyment and support community through every specialty sodas and craft beverages.

We will continue to refine our craft every day so we can continue to share our delicious beverages. It is more than just baseball, much, much more.

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