Why Buying from Local Farms Matters

local farmsLocal farms supply fresh, locally grown produce and foster connections between farmers and consumers. These agricultural operations vary in size and scale yet collectively serve as a vital community force. Let’s explore the significance of local farms and the benefits of supporting local agriculture:

The Freshness and Nutritional Superiority of Local Produce

Local produce is not shipped from far distances, as conventional grocery store produce is, so it’s generally much fresher. For this reason, the minimal transit and storage time of produce from local farms ensures it retains flavor. Furthermore, local produce is more nutrient-dense, as the longer the produce sits in storage or during transportation, the more nutrients it loses. Additionally, because local farmers have a direct relationship with their customers, they can prioritize quality over shelf life, selling only the freshest produce.

The Environmental Benefits of Buying from Local Farms

The short distance that local produce travels reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to efforts to combat climate change. Further, small-scale farmers often use fewer synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, opting for organic or low-input methods. For this reason, small farms reduce chemical runoff into waterways and minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment. When you buy from local farms, you are supporting a healthier world.

Strengthening Communities by Supporting Local Farms

When you purchase from local farmers, your money stays within the community. It helps to bolster the local economy by creating a multiplier effect, where dollars spent locally continue to recirculate and support the area’s economy. Additionally, supporting local farms helps sustain employment for your community’s residents. From farm workers to distributors and retailers, supporting these farms means supporting your neighbors in these careers.

Small Farms Lead to Empowerment

Supporting nearby farms reduces reliance on large-scale industrial agriculture, enhancing food security and resilience. By investing in local food systems, consumers play a vital role in building a more sustainable food supply chain, ensuring that communities have access to fresh, nutritious food now and in the future.

It’s Local Online Is Here to Help You Find Your Local Farms

Most communities hold farmers’ markets, farm stands, and community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs where you can purchase fresh produce directly from local farmers. Not sure where to start? Check out It’s Local Online’s Calander for nearby farmers’ market events.

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