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With top speeds of over 260 mph and sporting price tags of well over a million dollars, Bu…

With top speeds of over 260 mph and sporting price tags of well over a million dollars, Bugatti automobiles live up to their motto- Incomparable. Our Bugatti (aka “Bug”) thinks that all of that is just a little too much to live up to. In fact, four year old Bugatti is not actually a fan of speed except when he is playing. He has had a lot of quick changes in his life in recent months- none of them positive- and he would like things to slow down. A quiet, calm life would suit him fine. Bursts of speed chasing a laser, followed by a long nap, would be pretty much perfect. And Bug doesn’t care about money or luxury. (He probably thinks spending a lot of money on a car is crazy.) He would be just as happy with a cardboard box as an expensive toy. A studio apartment with someone who loves him would make Bug one hundred times happier than spending time in a mansion alone. So what does Bug think is incomparable? Well, he hasn’t exactly told us. But we think that he would say that what he values most is constancy. He is looking for someone he can depend on. Regular meals, playtime, petting… a peaceful life. Time every day watching squirrels out the window… a patch of sunlight to sleep in… He can be nervous of new things and people, but Bug is a good, gentle boy. He is looking for someone to pet him and tell him how loved he is. Bug understands that a good and faithful friend is much more valuable than a sports car. And if you know that too, Bug would like to be your furry sidekick. Because knowing that you can trust that someone is going to be there for you… now that is incomparable. To find out more or to make an appointment to meet Bugatti, please fill out the application at www.poainc.org. If you already have an approved application, simply email poaplacement@gmail.com.

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