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Bible Poems for Reflection and Response

Read this book slowly! Let it be an experience of engaging and interacting, along with Donna Merritt’s poems, to stories and teachings from the Bible.

These 290 down-to-earth poems, based on Bible passages, range from traditional rhyme to haiku to free verse. The applicable Bible verses are listed with each poem, and all the books of the Old and New Testaments are represented. Blank pages and wide margins provide space for the reader to creatively respond with their own thoughts, prayers, poems, sketches, and doodles.

Looking for a new approach to devotional Bible reading? Whether you are a long-time Bible reader or just getting started, BIBLE POEMS for Reflection and Response offers a personal and interactive way to experience the enduring stories and truths of God’s Word.

Not sure if you are a poetry person? These engaging verses are accessible, with no obscure language or hidden meanings. They speak personally to each reader.

You don’t even have to read in sequence. Jump around if you like. Read a poem every day, or twice a day, or once a week. Read the suggested Bible verses, or simply the poems or both.

Personalize and interact with the poems and scriptures. BIBLE POEMS will become a conversation between you and God as you add your own responses, thoughts and doodles. God speaks to us through the Bible and will very likely speak to you through these poems as well!

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