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Anna Mancini

Most of the time, the inspiration comes from the colors of the season I am in. I start ‘playing’ with some of the stones/crystals/pearls/shells/beads/glass I have (lots of them!) and let the pieces ‘talk’ to me…I don’t know how else to convene how an idea is born in my mind. I often arrange and re-arrange different components in different patterns/shapes until I like what I see…the rest is a semi-random addition/subtraction of colors and shapes, which will be surrounded and enhanced by tiny seed beads, bits of ephemera, silver, gold,crystal…and other (sometimes organic) material. I have also used my own painted art as cabochons or focal pieces. Color remains a central focus of all my work. I also am inspired by other bead artists’ work, their creativity and choice of color combinations. The challenge of re-purposing an old piece has proven to be quite an inspiration by itself. Sometimes, meeting a customer’s vision to make it a reality fuels my imagination outside of my comfort zone. And that is always welcome.

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