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Camp Care, Inc.

The concept of Camp Care originated through a strong desire to serve the children in need at Crossroads Physical Therapy, LLC. A large number of children treated at Crossroads have neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions. The extent of therapy these children need is often long-term, complicated, and costly. As a result, most families struggle with insurance companies and other funding sources to be able to afford treatment and equipment.

Crossroads staff was passionate about giving these children the special care and attention they deserved, no matter what the effort or cost. They wanted to support parents by providing a week of financial relief, where everything was taken care of, and all that was needed was a desire to spend time as a family.

Since its beginning Camp Care has grown embraced the community at large and has grown in programs, staff and an extensive variety of professional and non-professional volunteers who all help to create a unique and rewarding Camp Care experience.

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