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Christopher Chaffin

I’ve always been into art, but in 2009, I discovered my passion for woodworking. I met a neighbor that made amazing sculptures using burled wood. What’s a burl? A rounded knotty growth on a tree, giving an attractive figure when polished and used especially for handcrafted objects. I got the burl bug, so to speak, and discovered I had a “natural flaire” for woodworking.
Today, I find myself longing to work with various species of burls. I get excited when I come across them and can’t wait to see their beauty revealed through shaping, sanding, and oiling. I love to make art but realize there is a practical need to meet for people who consider purchases. Therefore, I find that balance between sculpture and furniture as art. I make small novelty items that may only cost $20, all the way up to large burl tables in the thousands!
The rarity of burled wood in the retail market allows me to show people items for the home that have so much more character to them. I gravitate to making end tables, coffee tables, mirrors, bowls, wine racks, and so much more! Most people comment that the wood is so smooth, they feel like they are touching glass. I try to use very thin protective finishes so that the wood “feel” is not lost.
I know I’ve found my passion in woodworking. I hope my passion inspires others to find theirs!

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