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David Corsini

I make assemblages in the folk art tradition. The vast majority of my work arises from inspiration generated by the objects themselves rather than from a preconceived creative intention. However, once there has been an initial creation, other similar work that is more intentional often follows. Thus, my work tends to evolve around themes.
One theme of my work is flower-like assemblages for gardens made from found metal and glass elements.The stems of the “flowers” are made from electric conduit and the bases are often break rotors. A second theme is small bouquet like assemblages for inside display. A third theme is imaginary animals constructed from skulls, metal, bones and jewelry.I have a managerie of more than 30 animals. A recent theme involves assemblages that I refer to as “wallflowers.”
Many of my pieces are intended to amuse and I feel successful when viewing the pieces elicits a laugh, giggle, or a smile. On the other hand, some of my pieces may offend or make people cringed and those reactions also indicate success.
My assemblages are held together by nuts, bolts and various adhesives. I do not weld but will sometimes have pieces welded. I use simple tools such as a grinder, drill, sander, saws and pipe benders. My assemblages are sometimes painted, sometimes rusted or oxidized, and sometimes coated with polyurethane.
People call my pieces whimsical, creative, or weird. All good.

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