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Marnie Reynolds-Bourque

My art reflects the every day beauty that I have to come to appreciate in my town, and places I have visited. A mostly self taught artist, I have drawn or painted all my life. After having children, I decorated their rooms with murals of their favorite characters, eventually spreading my art to my family and friends homes, and now further. From fields of sunflowers, spring trees in bloom, snowy landscapes, or places I travel, I can find inspiration anywhere. I also tend to be inspired by tractors or our family’s wedding car, a 1929 Model A ford, which I have placed in many paintings. Primarily painting with oils, I prefer a looser style, where the viewer has to work a bit to see details within the brush strokes. I want to make my viewers see things in everyday life that they may have missed. To appreciate beauty. Because to me that is what life is about… Appreciating the little things.
I hope that my artwork gives you as much pleasure as painting it gave me. I have also written two children’s books, “The Watering Can”, about children growing up, and “Cousins” about the bonds of family. I try to paint daily, and when not painting, I dream of traveling with my loved ones.

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