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Meb Boden

We’re a husband/wife team combining engineering skills and wood sculpture techniques to create functional woodenwares for kitchen and tabletop. We handpick each board, debate how best to use its grain & figure. We do NOT use duplicating machines or laser cutters. We raise the grain twice and sand twice. Finally, we rub two coats of oil deep into the grain with our hands.

We built a new workshop in 2020–deep in the woods. We are totally off the grid. In our new shop we are expanding our teaching programs, promoting Hand-Made (not mass production) and educating about locally produced work, sustainability and care for our environment. We have Open House events and Fun in the Forest programs!

Our goal is to make cooking & entertaining a visual and tactile pleasure. We imagine unknown hands and eyes enjoying the sensuous shapes, smooth textures, and luscious wood grains. We love knowing that our utensils create delectable recipes and our serving wares grace tables around the world. Using only New England hardwoods, we strive to leave a small environmental impact.

This work has become our life as a couple. We leave bits for each other to play with. We finish each other’s pieces. The result is a collaborative dance, with surprises along the way.

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