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Nancy Cooke Bunnell

Poetry, a piano waltz, a waterfall, a garden delight, a child’s voice influence how I express paint on a canvas.
.Instead I choose to investigate varied mediums, paint, and pastels, some even embellished with glitter and metallic markers for art sake as I waiver between realism, abstraction and design.

The children that I teach paint for the joy of creating with artistic abandonment. That is exactly where I want to be. . I want to focus on artistic development through child-like play with adult-like skills. When I am happily in my right mind, I am content, overflowing with joy.

Both my extensive art training through three universities and personal mentors and the honor of teaching adults and also children have built and reinforced my skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to have exhibited work in so many shows and galleries. My paintings have been purchased by many art supporters, and many awards have been bestowed. The awards are only a recognition, a small statement of a job well done, but are a culmination of years of a humble recognition of where this creative gift began and of my cheering squad of family, friends and art enthusiast.

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