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Oyster Shell Park

Oyster Shell Park provides Norwalk residents and all visitors a unique place from which to view the Norwalk Harbor and both waterfronts east and west of the Norwalk River. It is also a place for locals to wheel babies, and jog on newly refurbished trails. A new center plaza made from recycled glass and special concrete pavers overlooks the park. The pavers have a high solar reflecting value to reduce the urban heat island effect that makes cities warmer than their rural counterparts. The plaza in the South Norwalk park is surrounded by trees, flowers, and shrubs native to the area that are meant to create a habitat for local wildlife. The area surrounding Norwalk’s Oyster Shell Park is home to historic buildings, innovative and educational museums, and a variety of trails for the public to enjoy. Please be advised, there are no dogs allowed at Oyster Shell Park.

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