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Susi Byers

As a kid, I probably fell in love with clay when I made a clay hand-print. As a sophomore in college, I became hooked from the first time I threw a ball of clay onto a kick wheel. After graduation and Master’s degree in art education, I brought my passion for clay to South Windsor, teaching art in the schools for 36 years.
Most of my work is functional: items for storage, drinking, eating. Jars, mugs, casseroles, berry bowls. My forms are classic and simple, with a goal to create a piece that pleases the eye, feels good in the hand and functions well. My favorite compliment from a customer: “I use your mug every day because it feels great in my hands.”
I work in a mid-range stoneware, firing my pieces in an electric kiln. I make the earthy glazes myself, and they work together with the clay to present a warmth that enhances food and graces the table. I like to overlay one or more glazes on top of the primary glaze to give interest, richness and depth. The glazes enhance my forms with no need for additional decoration, keeping costs down, and making my pots more affordable.
My love for making pots comes from the feel of the clay and its plasticity, allowing the visions I have in my head to come to life by my hands and wheel. And, because each glaze kiln is different, opening it is like experiencing Christmas many times during the year!

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