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We’re Bringing You a Look Into Local!

Looking at Local, February 2, 2023

look into local
Feb 2

We’re Looking at Local

Our Looking at Local blog has arrived! Here you’ll discover great local businesses you weren’t aware of yet, and read up on the local businesses you already know and love. We interview these local businesses to understand the triumphs and hurdles they’ve faced while creating their vision.

Now Presenting the Power of Local

Locally owned companies are the backbone of sturdy communities. Unlike big chain stores, local companies give back a far greater amount of their earnings, keeping the wealth in the community. Furthermore, these businesses create more jobs for community members and, in many instances, pay their employees far better than their chain competitors.

Let Us Introduce You

It’s Local online aims to spotlight local businesses and give the people behind the company a voice. One of the many aspects we love about shopping locally is that the business owners know you, and you know them too. This blog facilitates that introduction. Let us present to you the power of local!

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